About Us

Welcome to Bhasin Group

We aim to provide in India, the most technologically advanced products, which are a result of extensive R&D carried out by their developers in foreign nations. The company foresees a stronger association than today with other healthcare multinationals. We wish to add more world renowned brands into our basket of existing ones, in order to provide the power of ‘choice’ to our valued clients and eventually the patients being the end-users. Also, we wish to diversify and expand our operations across India along with fetching newer products for our existing markets.

  • Marketing executives are responsible for generating leads and promotions at hospitals and health centres across the nation.
  • Sales Personnel, to ensure a smooth functioning of the desired growth as planned by the management to attain an upward graph of sales figures.
  • As the safety of the patients at all the hospitals is a matter of utmost priority for us, the Logistics department is responsible for delivery of drugs, consumables and equipment within strict time frames. The quality is assured from procurement, to storage and to delivery, at all times.

Note: All our departments work in a set system under the purview of the management, that believes in creating synergies by accumulating expertise from various ends to attain mutually collective goals.

Meet Our Top Management

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment." - Dr. Jonathan Gobi

Bhasin Group Milestones

Bhasin Group Clients

  • As our group has been significantly functioning for almost four decades now, our clientele base is one of the strongest in the government and private hospitals.
  • We share excellent professional relations with the doctors and clinicians along with the staff and the management of the top rated hospitals across India.
  • In the due course of its operation, the organisation has developed and nurtured a rapport with clients ranging from small sector nursing homes to multi-speciality hospitals.
  • We withstand a constant urge to provide our clients with a wider array of products than today, which are procured from manufacturers and developers from all across the globe.
  • With an advent of newer forms of technology and care delivery, we at Bhasin Group aim at exploring further into other streams of medicine and biology to make sure that India stands parallel to the other nations in all aspects of healthcare.

Bhasin Group CSR

As one should give back what they take from the society, we at Bhasin Group inculcate the same virtue and are a part of organisations that work for issues like, women empowerment, gender sensitisation etc., by actively participating and sponsoring the said movements.

The organisation follows an ethical code of conduct at all times. The work ethos is developed in a manner that does not exploit or hamper the interest of any individual based on their ethnicity / gender / caste.

The philanthropic movement of the organisation has resulted in donations being made for construction of schools for underprivileged children in association with NGOs such as Round Table India.

We wish to continuously keep improving and be a part of the collective comprehensive growth within the society.