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ADSOL Products

Companies Dealt With Products
Medtronic 1. Coronary Vascular Range of Products
2. Cardiac Rythm & Heart failure range of Products
3. Aortic, Peripheral Vascular Range of Products
WIPRO GE Healthcare 1. PCS Division (Range of Anaesthesia workstations, Ventilator Machines, Multi-parameter Patient Monitors, ECG Machines, TMT, Holters, Mother-Infant Care Machines etc)
2. USG Division (Range of Ultrasound & Echo machines)
3. Imaging Division (Range of high end CT, MRI, Cath Lab,C-Arm, X-Ray machines etc.)

Bhasin Drug Distributors Products

Companies Dealt With Products
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
(a Johnson & Johnson Company)
Laparoscopic / Open surgery of GI, General, Gynae, Oncho, Urology, Bariatric etc.
Ethicon Energy
(a Johnson & Johnson Company)
Advanced Energy Products
(Harmonic, Nseal, Gen 11 & Probes)
(a Johnson & Johnson Company)
1. MegaPower (Electrosurgical Generator - Cautery Machine)
2. Megavac (Smoke Evacuator Machine)
3. MegaSoft Pads
4. Cautery Pencils & Pads
(a Johnson & Johnson Company)
Entire Range of Sutures, Meshes
Biosurgery Surgicel
Toray, Japan Inoue Balloon Catheter (PTMC & IMS)
Abbott - St. Jude Medical
(Structural Heart Division)
Amplatzer - ASD, PDA, VSD & ADO II Devices, accessories
Advanced Lifesciences Cardiology Consumables
Numed Inc., USA PVBD Balloons (Tyshak, Z-Med) & Stents (CP Stent) for coarctation of aorta
Cerenovus Neuro Intervension
(A Johnson & Johnson Company)
Neuro Vascular Stents & Coils for aneurysm and stent for neuro stroke.
Schuelke India Microshield & Schuelke range of infection prevention products

Bhasin Health Care Products

Companies Dealt With Products
(Johnson & Johnson)
1. Total Knee Replacement
2. Total Hip Replacement
3. Total Shoulder Replacement